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006: A Moment with Ryan Abernathy

Every once and awhile you meet someone that really stands out from the crowd, is authentic and passionate, a true family man and really strives to make an impact in the world. Those words don’t even begin to describe how good of a person he is. He also happens to be one of the funniest dudes we know. We have been super fortunate (and really lucky) to be able to work with Ryan Abernathy – also known as @cruiserlifestyle. We’ve only known him a few short months, but he’s become one of our good friends and is an unbelievable addition to the Amōs family.
He’s been a major part in helping us get our brand into people’s hands. He’s also worked with many start-up companies, really bringing them to a whole new level. He has been an amazing ambassador for our brand and what we believe in. We can’t thank him enough.
If you aren’t following him on Instagram you’re not only missing out on his incredible daily photos, but his insanely encouraging quotes and stories he posts as well. Give him a follow and let him take you on all his crazy adventures.  He's also going to launch his website soon: Oh yeah, he’s a 30 year old that still acts like a kid, and we think it’s cool as hell.
We recently had a chance to ask him a few questions and go behind the scenes.  Read on to get a glimpse into Ryan’s life.  We also have some cool collaborations in the works so stay tuned!  All photos featured below were taken by him.

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005: A moment with Taylor Burk

Meet Taylor Burk. He’s super talented, super outgoing, and an insanely creative photographer that we’ve been lucky enough to work with. He’s taken our goods all over the Canadian Rockies, flipped a kayak, and snapped some really sick photos along the way.
Be sure to follow him on Instagram to check out all his inspiring work. He also just launched his website:  All photos shown here were taken by the man himself.

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004: A Moment with Meraki

As part of our interview series we took some time to sit down with the founder of Meraki, Chelsea Risling.  
Meraki Supply Co was the first company that reached out to us about selling our goods within their store.  The moment we got that first email we instantly connected with Chelsea and her brand. Chelsea & Meraki share the same free-spirited passions and visions as we do at Amōs.  Their tagline: 'Time for Another Adventure' really says it all. 
Meraki is planning on opening it's doors mid October in Calgary, AB Canada.  We couldn't be more psyched to be partnered with Chelsea and Meraki and having them be apart of the Amōs family.  Oh yeah, be sure to give them a follow on Instagram to stay up on all the action.  They might even be giving away some Amōs gear soon :)
 Read on to get an inside look at Chelsea and Meraki:

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